Saturday, June 4, 2016

Big fish in a small pond or small fish in a big pond?

The sunshine, palm trees and ocean breeze welcomed me when I landed in Charleston, South Carolina. Mid-70s and the smell of seafood wafted through the air. In just one day, I would indulge in some authentic seafood. Until then, it was time to decide which type of fish to be.

Have you hear the analogy of being "a big fish in a small pond?"

Caroline's Cues | Big fish in a small pond or small fish in a big pond?

This concept demonstrates that the fish has outgrown its habitat and environment. It could also be related to leadership and experiences. Have you become good enough in an area and are not surrounded with room to grow or develop further? Or is the talent pool around you less than or equal to your capabilities? I was disciplined and focused on this goal for just over a year in bodybuilding and felt confident and comfortable. Was I becoming a big fish in a small pond?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The monotony of monotony

Dang, I'm boring.

Alright, maybe I'm not that boring.

Humans are boring.

Humans are creatures of habit.

And this habit creates monotony.

It has been interesting to relate habits and personal development to eating and bodybuilding. I have had many friends not as knowledgeable about the fitness/health industry ask for dieting advice. I have read nine books to date out of my goal for 30 by December 31. I can safely say that at least 6/8 of them mention habits. This could be anything from the creation of habits, to bad habits to understanding habits and our development. After reading the book "Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength", and "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business", I feel more confident in giving advice on how to develop workout, eating and healthy lifestyle habits.

Some might not realize that our brains and thoughts are within our control. As one of my favorite leadership gurus and sales leaders once said:

Caroline's Cues | The monotony of monotony, Zig Ziglar quote
Photo found on: this website
"You are what you are and you are where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You change what you are and you change where you are by changing what goes into your mind.” - Zig Ziglar

I think this goes along with our bodies. Our mind controls our bodies. If we control what goes into our minds, we control our health.

This is great! Form a habit, stick to that habit and it all becomes easy, right?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

3 steps to building credibility

Do you have street cred?

Caroline's Cues | 3 steps to building credibility

Nah, me neither. At least, not yet.

For 18 years, I played an integral role on my family farm. I knew the ins and outs of our feed ration for the beef cattle. I knew the fields dad planted to corn, soybeans, wheat, oats and hay. I had a decent knowledge of our machinery, which ones had some "technical difficulties" and how to handle them with care. I was the advocate for our business and industry.

Then, things changed. I left for college and became disconnected. It got even more difficult to stay in "the know" while trying to do well in college courses, increase involvement in student organizations and build a "credibility" for myself on campus.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

What's my age, again?

Have you ever heard the song by blink-182 called, "What's my age again?" If not, give it a listen. Nonetheless, there is one specific line mentioned in every stanza that describes my life right now.

Nobody likes you when you are 23.

This is the time of year for proms, FFA banquets/conventions and graduations. Reflecting on all of those past experiences, I'm beginning to feel old. Perhaps I am using the wrong noun. I don't feel old; I feel out of touch. I feel lost from it all.

First state convention (I think?) and I look so young!
Has it really been two years since I graduated from college, six years since high school senior prom, and eight years since I attended my first State FFA Convention? Where has the time gone?
I had a skinny arm before that was a thing... thank goodness that has changed!

Sometimes, I question my age. In my role, I have a lot of responsibilities. My life is evolving from different things I thought I knew in high school and college to what I know now as an adult in the working world. Nonetheless, I ask myself often, "what's my age, again?"

My cousin Sara and I at prom.
Do we ever really know the meaning behind an age? What is the real measure of time? I don't know but if I ever figure it out, I'll be sure to share. How do you make the most of your age, measure time and see the future?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Fun back and chest workout

Last week, I created my own workouts to add some "fun" into my prep. I am a little over one month away from the NPC Jr. USA show in Charleston, South Carolina. Guess who is excited?!?!

My favorite body area to train has been back. I think it is one of the most difficult body areas to train. You definitely need to have a focus with your mind and practice the movements so they target your back. Sometimes, our arms get too involved in back exercises.

Continue learning how your body works and what you can do each day and workout to become stronger!

Caroline's Cues | Back and Chest Workout - Progress

Check out that forearm vein!

I am at a lower body fat percentage right now as I lean down for my show. One thing is for certain: there is a direct correlation with increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat. Exercise alone will not make you reach your aesthetic or health goals. However, I hope workouts like the one below can help.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Cream of Rice Protein "Sugar" Cookie Recipe

I've always been a cookie fiend. Growing up, mom would always have homemade cookies on the cupboard and even in the freezer for the next time we needed a sugary snack. When meals get monotonous, as they are often are on prep for a competition, I try to change things up.

Today, I did just that.

Cream of Rice Protein "Sugar" Cookies. 

Caroline's Cues | Cream of Rice Protein "Sugar" Cookies Recipe

You might be thinking, "how in the world is she making sugar cookies while on her strict bodybuilding meal plan?" That's the funny part -- they are not sugar cookies. However, with a few awesome ingredients, they have a similar taste and consistency to the most recent sugar cookies I had [over Christmas]. Sigh... so long ago.

Many of today's food and nutrition companies are using science to their and our advantage. They can research and test many flavors and components. They also make them safe and affordable for consumption. These are a few reasons why I love Optimum Nutrition supplements. Not only are their products tasty, but they are very transparent and forward to consumers about why they create their products to help others find their "true strength". 

The past few months, I have had a hankering for "cake", "birthday cake" and "cake batter" flavors. Don't ask me why. Bizarre, I know. Therefore, when I placed my next order to stock up on whey protein, I chose the cake batter flavor of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rising up with Ryan's Root to Rise Yoga

Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth.

Inhale... exhale...

Caroline's Cues | Rising up with Ryan's Root to Rise Yoga

The loft in Kindred was warmed to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Stationery candles surrounded the small area for yoga mats, blankets and blocks. Nine yogi's joined Friday morning for a session designed to help athletes and their sore or tight muscles.

Laura Ryan, owner and instructor of Ryan's Root to Rise Yoga led the one-hour session focused on hip openers, flexibility and balance. If you were not sweating within the first 15 minutes, you must not have been in the loft with us!

I credit a lot of muscle development to having a "mind-muscle connection". This is no different than in yoga. When I entered the loft, I knew I had to have my mind focused and willing to let go of outside emotions, thoughts and factors to get the most from the session. It worked.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

No matter the placing, I finished first at my second show.

The jitters and nerves did not ramp up until 10 minutes before show time.

I competed in my first bodybuilding competition in August 2015 (blog here). Experience increases comfort and confidence. I definitely carried more of both for this second show. The 2016 NPC Central USA Natural Championships was held at the Century Link Center in Omaha, Neb.

Caroline's Cues | No matter the placing, I finished first at my second show.

This go around, the show seemed to fly by. Saturday morning was prejudging.

I made a few mistakes.

That evening for finals, those errors probably added to my results.

I placed second in my class.

Caroline's Cues | NPC Central USA Natural Championships Presentation 2016
Stage photos courtesy of

Initially, I was bummed.

I had worked my tail off. Yet, again, I got second place.

After some reflection and kind words from my coach and friends, I knew that in reality, I finished first.

There were some tough competitors in the group. I brought a better physique and stronger confidence to this show. I also practiced posing much more and it felt much more natural on stage. For only my second show ever, placing second two times is a big accomplishment! I even made some friends along the way.

Caroline's Cues | Bodybuilding Figure Friends
It's fun meeting other competitors, especially those who live nearby!

Why I am so critical on myself and don't take time to celebrate the little successes? It was a local show with a comforting environment.

The most comforting part was the group of people there supporting me.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

5 steps to meal prepping for beginners

Meal prep and GO! That's all it takes.

OK, in reality, it takes a bit more than that. I know from experience. However, like anything, you have to reach a point where you are willing to dive in, head first, and start. If you don't, you will keep telling yourself you either might not have time, don't have money for healthy foods or you are doing OK at selecting healthy foods or resisting temptations on your own.

It has been nearly one year since I began focusing on meal preparations and dieting, specifically for my body building shows. Whether you are training for a contest or not, I still think meal prep has aided tremendously in how much time I save. It has helped me better budget grocery expenses on a weekly and monthly basis. It has heightened my awareness about nutrition, serving sizes and food labels. All of these takeaways and more have maintained my interest and investment into the meal prep ideology.

Forewarning: it might feel weird or unnatural when you start making adjustments for meal preparations. However, do not let that set you back or scare you. I have had many friends reach out to me about my health and how to begin. I'd now like to share five steps to meal prepping for beginners.

Caroline's Cues | 5 steps to meal prepping for beginners

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Trust and a coach

Have you ever had a coach where you doubt them? I know I have.

Caroline's Cues | Trust and a coachI think back to my high school track days. Freshman girls track, Mr. Hemsoth was a tough coach. Often times, the girls would do their best to avoid running extra drills or find a way to make whatever instructions he asked us to do "easier". He demanded a lot of his team and pushed us to run more than you thought possible. He "encouraged" me to run the 800 meter open and 800 meter relay. I was not pleased. His stern demeanor gave him this persona of an all or nothing we gotta win type. (He was not much different as the social studies teacher either.)

Mr. Hemsoth made me doubt his coaching abilities and whether he had my best interests at heart. I have never been the best runner. However, putting me into mid-distance races pushed me to a limit. I ended up quitting after that season for various reasons including an injury. I attribute a larger portion of not returning that next season because of my doubt of him as a coach.

This past week, I had a meeting with the Nebraska Farm Bureau Leadership Academy. This meeting, we focused mostly on agricultural policy and industry current events. The second day, we worked with Richard Fagerlin, author of Trustology.

I first saw Richard speak at the AFA Alliance Meeting last November. However, that was more of a keynote speech. This time, he got to work more closely with our group of 10 upcoming leaders in Farm Bureau. It refreshed me of the importance of trust.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Meat-filled Monday with beef

It was never difficult to find beef for meal options growing up. Not only did my family raise our own beef cattle [and still do], but we would often use our own cuts of meat to create home-cooked recipes for my mom, dad, sister and me. Beef was a staple item in my diet growing up. I was a cute little 9 year old with my first beef feeder calf named "Buddy". Raising my own calf with the intent of harvesting him for my nourishment taught me a lot growing up. It gave me a strong appreciation for food and lifestyle.

Caroline's Cues | Meat-filled Monday with beef

Like many, changes in finances, location and life situations can alter our diets. In college, I suffered beef deprivation. I was not consuming as much beef while studying at the university. Part of that was finances and other part proximity and meal frequency. I also had no clue how to cook steaks.

I'm still working on that. Dad always grilled them for the family growing up. It kept things simple. Mom and I would prepare the side dishes inside while he got the steaks ready. Now that I am a college graduate, you would think I knew a bit more about beef preparations.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

3 reasons you must have fun to win

Friday afternoon, the sun was beaming down on the dirt track and green infield. Hooves stomped the ground in anticipation. The crisp March air blew through the nostrils of eager horses, ready to race.

Above the barns, people gathered with family and friends, food, drinks and track schedules in hand. The track was ready. Jockies were assembling their gear and horse owners chatted their predictions with loved ones about the anticipated results. Race day at Fonner Park would start at 3:30 p.m. and the excitement was about to begin.

Caroline's Cues | 3 reasons you must have fun to winI attended Fonner Park races three times in 2015. For my first race of 2016, one of my customers sponsored the winning blanket and reserved the executive suite for about 30 customers and friends to join. Not only was this a new experience for me, but my seed advisor Roger had also never experienced the suite. He is a part owner of a few mares with some of his customers, so he has attended many races. This race was one for the books.

Roger's horse would race in the 9th and final race that day. Odds were decent for her to place. But she was not necessarily expected to win. Nonetheless, the rounds went on, beverages and food were flowing and conversation was plentiful. There were still many reasons to have fun and make a win out of the day.

Reason #1

When odds are against you, you must face adversity to have the chance to succeed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today's food, tomorrow's future -- National Ag Day 2016

Just a few years ago, I spent my first National Ag Day in Washington, D.C., talking to legislative assistants and congressional representatives about agricultural policy. I have returned two times during this week to not only share my ag story from my family farm in Ohio, but also to network and learn from those whose careers have been shared by food.

Today's food conversations are developing tomorrow's future. Guess what? It won't be stopping anytime soon. However, we have a duty. We must ensure the conversations are happening.

Caroline's Cues | National Ag Day 2016
Me and Congressman Latta, who is the representative for the Ohio district I grew up in.

Challenges or excuses

When I look back on old photographs, I know I have learned a lot about today's food policy and production. It is not all easy. It is not all the perfectly pruned barnyards and immaculate fields. There are many challenges in agriculture, besides what farmers are trying to overcome.

Monday night, I started typing this blog post to share on National Ag Day. What happened? My computer crashed. I use a MacBook Pro from college, so it is a little aged. That moment the screens began blinking and would not stop, I panicked. Many photos, files and experiences are on the hard drive of this computer. Guess what? That is just a little challenge. It is nothing compared to what others face on a daily basis.

Monday, March 14, 2016

My week, your week, National Ag Week!

Believe it or not, we have reached the middle of March! Spring is in the air and the seasons are shifting to much more tolerable weather... I know for me, anyway! Not only is weather changing, but outside activities and priorities are also.

This upcoming week, it is time to celebrate the integral industry for you, for me, and all humans. 
National Agriculture Week is from March 13-19, 2016. 

Caroline's Cues | Let's celebrate National Ag Week 2016

Here is an opportunity to thank a farmer, communication with your legislatures about the future of agriculture and learn more about the food, fibers and fuel produced from ag producers and products. As mentioned before, I grew up on a farm and in agriculture. However, there are still many new facts and information I learn each day! You can too.

This week is for all of us to come together as a community and open the conversation! I plan to share some fun agriculture facts this week and hope you will do the same. 
Please ask questions and share in the excitement. Without ag, where would we be?

What do you hope to learn or share during National Ag Week? Check out more at the official website for National Ag Day, on Tuesday, March 15th.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Marketing is a first-world issue. Let's change that.

The plethora of my college experience was in marketing and communications. Just a few years ago, I was in love with strategizing and developing campaigns to drive markets, meet consumer demand and ultimately, make more sales and impact the economy.

Now, I despise it.

Our world has become one of extraordinary misinformation. Superficial needs raise above those of fact. It is a first world issue.

You may disagree. However, as I analyze what I grew up with and what I desire now, the two do not align.

In rural northwest Ohio, I did not grow up with much. I did not need to. Growing up, my family was content on our little row crop and livestock farm. My mom, dad, sister and I stuck to our agricultural roots and spent a majority of our time in the great outdoors, working during the day (or after school was out) and coming back inside for dinner together in the evenings. At some point during my youth, that all changed. I cannot pinpoint the exact year, societal pressures or cultural shift. However, the shift has accelerated tremendously to now.

It is saddening to see how much disconnect stands between families, friends, communities and the world. You might disagree. You might think social media has made us more "social" and more "connected" than ever. I beg to differ.

Caroline's Cues | Perspective in marketing

The quote "perception is reality" is the unfortunate view of today's world. For example, the above photo I captured while in New Zealand in 2013. Fun farm fact (on Friday), there are more total sheep in New Zealand than people!

Is the sheep helpless or being helped? 

Caroline's Cues | Sheep Shearing in Agrondome, NZ
Sheep is propped on her haunches in preparation for shearing. 

Caroline's Cues | Sheep Shearing in Agrondome, NZ
The farmer began by shearing her belly, and proceeded to shear the rest of her
wool to be cleaned and made into clothing goods.

Caroline's Cues | Sheep Shearing in Agrondome, NZ
This shearing not only lifted some weight off the sheep's body, but allows
her to grow new, healthy hair -- just like when we get hair cuts!

If you did not have these additional photos of the sheep, would you have been inclined to think she was helpless?

Monday, February 29, 2016

Worth a shot at Heartland Shooting Park

Rural Ohio and rural Nebraska are different but also share some similarities. In the fall, you will often see many bright, neon orange hats, sweatshirts and other outerwear across the country side. Why, you might ask?

Hunting season.

Whether it was for deer, rabbits, water fowl (duck, geese, other), pheasants or Elmer Fudd, gun enthusiasts and hunters alike can be found across the midwest. My dad, uncles, cousins and many friends participate. For some reason, I did not. Now, I'm attempting to join. My dad taught me basic fundamentals of gun safety and I have used shotguns and pistols in the past. 4-H shooting sports are offered to youth across the country, but I never got involved. I also never made target practice or going with my family members to hunt a frequent thing. I want to.
To start, I bought a hand gun.

Caroline's Cues | Worth a shot at Heartland Shooting Park - Sig Sauer P238

Friday, February 26, 2016

3 nuances in change and consistency

This past week was #FFAWeek. The National FFA Organization serves as the largest youth organization in the country focused on agricultural education and leadership development. I can attribute much of my skills and development to the FFA.

As I reflected through some photographs found (in the dusty cobwebs of my hard drive), it brought back some found memories. It is remarkable how quickly time can pass and feel like yesterday in the same sense. I have changed a lot. However, I have also stayed the same in some ways.

It is weird to me. There are many leadership books, podcasts, theories stating how change is the number one factor to development. However, consistency also plays a role in progress. How do these two elements work together for us as people and leaders?

I think there are only nuances in change and consistency.

Caroline's Cues | 3 nuances in change and consistency

Monday, February 22, 2016

The seasons of awkward

"Hurry up and graduate", they say. It's time for you to get on your way! What do you do when you finally "make it" after years of studying up, preparing for the "real world" and attain your first "big girl job"? You dive in head first. That's what I did, anyhow. But, after analyzing my one and a half years fully employed in the U.S. workforce, it has been easy to identify many areas in this new stage of "life" that I was not taught or prepared for in college. It's all wrong.

Forewarning, this interpretation could be crazy... but I'm used to it now. 

Over the past few weeks, many thoughts have run through my head. Some could be logical. Others could be derived from my changed diet and bodybuilding altering my hormones and emotions (which could actually happen).

Caroline's Cues | The seasons of awkward

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

When in doubt, Try Wine!

How often do you get the opportunity to taste high class, top quality wines from around the globe, with the push of a button and swipe of a card? Not many for me. Last week, I was blessed to do so.

Caroline's Cues | When in doubt, Try Wine

I love wine. I have always been intrigued by viticulture and the science behind it. Whenever I get the chance to travel, especially internationally, I try to experience wineries or vineyards. Last week, I went to St. Petersburg, Florida with some customers on a trip. Even though the weather was less than desirable in the mid-50s, we did not let that get us down. We Try Wine.

Caroline's Cues | When in doubt, Try Wine

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Caroline vs. Winter Storm Kayla

I hate winter. I hate snow. I hate being secluded and stuck in one place. 

Caroline's Cues: Caroline vs. Winter Storm Kayla

Unfortunately, Winter Storm Kayla made sure I experienced all three. Within the past two days, Grand Island, Nebraska, has accumulated 18.3 inches of snow, average temperature of 28 degrees, with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. 
With those conditions, I was forced to my apartment on Tuesday.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Three steps left going into 11

January 2016 has come and gone. Did anyone else think that went by very quickly? Time is a matter of perception but to me, the month flew by! There are only 11 months left.

When I set my goals for 2016, most were pretty lofty. Today, I took some time to review them and see what kind of progress I have made and what behaviors lead to that success. I also identified what behaviors were counterproductive or slowed my progression. Rather than detail exactly where I stand with each of my goals, I want to help you see what process you can do for your goals.
Here are three key steps I have for making the most of the remaining 11 months in 2016.

Caroline's Cues | Three steps left going into 11 - how to identify successful behaviors

Three steps to identify successful behaviors

I am loving my Passion Planner for this year. It really forces me to do more than the usual "I'll just think about my goals" and writing them down. As I flipped through the past few weeks, there was one thing I noticed. When I succeed at a task or priority, I placed a checkmark next to it. There were quite a few left without checkmarks. This drives me crazy. However, this is the first step to identifying successful behaviors.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Why you should not call it a year-end review

It was my first year-end review. I was not sure what to expect. I took some time the day and morning before to compile my year accomplishments and highlights, biggest challenges and weaknesses and areas of improvement for 2016. The plan was to meet my boss at Texas T-Bone for dinner and discuss these objectives. A couple of steaks and brief discussion would not take very long, right?

About three and a half hours later, lots of comments and feedback had been shared. My mind was running at 100 miles per hour (just a little faster than the typical 75 mph). I felt overwhelmed, excited, uncertain, frustrated and encouraged throughout the conversation. I was choking among my own flood of emotions.

It did not get easier from there.

Caroline's Cues: Why you should not call it a year-end review

My line manager is challenging.
I shall refer to him as "Mr. Manager" throughout this post, as his name is irrelevant. His actions are not. 

He asks the tough questions and expects answers. He seeks collaboration and ownership on projects. Above all, he wants me, as a direct report, to be successful and happy. He knows what drives me. Mr. Manager is a very talented at reading people, understanding them and using that knowledge to hold fruitful conversations. When I first started on his team, I was not sure how it would go. We are both very goal driven and results-oriented. But, besides that, our personalities differ. He is more blunt, outgoing and downright ornery. However, these characteristics combined make an insightful, charismatic leader.

Mr. Manager is one that does not necessarily follow a script. He develops something unique for each employee. He has demonstrated this through actions this first year. He also discussed it as we began our discussion of our year-end review.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Healthy Reese's Peanut Butter Banana Bread Recipe

I have a severe weakness for desserts. When you get chocolate or peanut butter as options, it becomes dangerous. Put them together, and, well, then I cave. The first time I saw this recipe for Cookies and Cups Reese's Peanut Butter Banana Bread, my heart skipped a beat. Her imagery is gorgeous and the bread looked divine.

I did not go back to that recipe for quite some time. Now that I am living a healthier lifestyle, I have been challenging myself to make "dirty, unhealthy" recipes "clean" options. Over Christmas break, my mom and I were in the kitchen and I had the urge to bake. Dad has always enjoyed mom's banana breads and he likes peanut butter and chocolate. The light bulb lit up! Here was the opportunity to help my mom and dad start using easy, clean recipes, while foods they would enjoy.

I scrounged through mom's cupboards to see what ingredients I could work with. Rather than add peanut butter cup minis like the recipe called for, I found some holiday M&M Crisps to incorporate.

Caroline's Cues Healthy Reese's Peanut Butter Banana Bread Recipe
Yum, happy holidays to my family! I ended up eating most of it though.

The best thing about this recipe is it will be naturally sweet thanks to the bananas and Greek yogurt. You can add some Stevia packets or honey for added sugar taste. Also, all the ingredients are easy to find or you will probably have them on hand already!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New approach; hold me accountable for 2016 goals!

I am trying a new approach.

I think back on my ag communications classes and internships. I wrote video outlines or storyboards for a lot of different things. It has been awhile since I have revisited those skills. Time to start experimenting with the idea of video blogs or vlogs. Below is my first attempt. What do you think? All thoughts and feedback are appreciated. It's all part of the learning process.

Otherwise, enjoy hearing more depth about my 2016 goals/New Year's Resolutions!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

5 tips to avoid "get rich quick" pitfalls in "lose weight quick" programs

"Can I get that to go?" "I needed that done yesterday." "But I want this done now?" "Sorry, I'm busy. I have other important things to do."

Do any of these phrases sound familiar? I know they do for me. I'll be the first one in a room to raise my hand if ever asked, "Who considers himself or herself extremely impatient?" It's hard not to be. There are so many things to do, people to see, errands to run that we as a human culture in America especially want immediate results.

We want things to be simple, easy and fast. "Get rich quick" schemes are found on the Internet, through telemarketing phone calls and face to face meetings with sales people. However, if you are like me and my family, you know these are too good to be true.

I remember sitting at the kitchen table for supper when the land line telephone would ring. Dad would answer, look at me, mom and my sister excitedly saying, "We could win a free trip to Hawaii!" Mom and I would look at one another, shake our heads and tell dad to hang up the phone. Sometimes, he would listen to their chatter for a few minutes to complete their "survey." However, he would then need to provide his credit card information, go on a website and provide bank information or make a purchase.

It was too good to be true.

Unfortunately, there are many people out there falling into traps of these "get rich quick" pitfalls. However, it isn't for a trip or money. It's for your health.


Social media is plastered with fitness, health and wellness tips, workouts, cleanses and "lose weight quick" programs. First, let me say I am glad people are becoming more interested in their health. I am even more pleased that people are starting to research more about food and agriculture! However, there is a fine line between facts and fiction.

What is good for one body may not be great for another.

One works well for one farmer might not work for another.

We are blessed with so many (sometimes, possibly too many) options! How do we avoid the "get rich quick" pitfalls that we might not know about? How do we make the most of our choices?

Sunday, January 3, 2016

"Most Changed" into 2016 & 4 Steps to a New Years' Resolution

The new year is upon us. Is it really 2016? Things can certainly change quickly and time flies! Most of us are in the midst of starting our New Years' Resolutions! Many of you may have already organized, categorized and wrote down your resolutions. Others might be doing the usual procrastination and will not formally write any, but keep some ideas tucked away in the cranny of their minds. However, we all must start with a little reflection.

When I reviewed my past year, I noticed a lot of change. New job, new customers, new challenges, new opportunities, new friends, and a new outlook on life. I am learning to be a better me. I want to grow and become the woman God has given me the potential to become. I think back to my senior year of high school. My 2010 senior class at Otsego High School always voted superlatives by class.

I was selected as most changed in 2010.