Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Begin the last chapter with the end in mind

I have made it. It is crazy to think I have already begun the last chapter... my senior year. Unfortunately, I am experiencing extreme senioritis. With five classes and many extra curricular activities, I am getting overwhelmed in "restart mode".

As I look at this last chapter, I am realizing it is time to embrace it and take it all in. These past few months, I have been given a lot of advice. Whether I am talking to business leaders or academic professors, there is one thing they all suggestion: don't wish away time.

This summer went by quick with my internship and AFA meetings and visits.
This photo is from the Ohio visits a group of us AFA students conducted.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Testimonial to Bader Rutter

Since the first day I walked through the doors of Pinnacle 2 at 13845 Bishop's Drive, I knew this would be a different summer experience. A new location, new internship focus and new company had much potential. Now that my temporary stay at Bader Rutter is complete, I am confident the people of this organization have more value than what is on the name plate. They are part of the Bader Rutter family.

Last lunch with some of my PR and writing coworkers.

I wasn't sure what this meant when I first heard it from lead executives of the agency. Now, I know it embodies more than the collaboration in meetings to produce high-quality work. BR possess a culture with appreciation and support to cultivate relationships and life-long learning. Whether I was writing a feature article, researching information on millennials or critiquing product videos, I was not seen as an intern. I was a fellow cohort to the crafty, creative minds providing innovation in every medium.

This new family taught me more than just writing, research and strategy. 
I have also learned:

Monday, August 5, 2013

Petri beef... the start of a food evolution?

As we approach upcoming years with uncertainty of population and food availability, researchers and producers are discovering new ways to feed the growing world. Scientists in London have just developed a new opportunity for our taste buds. They grew hamburger. This isn't your normal burger than you would get from a meat or grocery store. It was created from stem cells from cattle in a laboratory.

As a beef producer myself, I am skeptical this "petri burger" will taste as good as the home grown, corn-fed beef raised on my farm in Ohio. However, it raises a great discussion piece. What will be the most economical, sustainable ways to provide for a growing world? If creating petri beef can decrease food and production costs, it sounds like a great long-term plan. Once a burger doesn't cost nearly $300,000 a piece, perhaps? I would be up for a taste.

What do you think about this petri beef?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Are we qualified?

What qualifies us to blog? What influence does our writing have on others -- just because we share our stories and input? We may not be as qualified as you'd think.

Sure, it's our right to voice our thoughts and feelings. That is one reason I began my blog. I felt inspired to share my passions and life experiences with others. But what caused this sensation of bloggers like myself? Blogs have been around for years and never reached the popularity they have today.

Friday, August 2, 2013

I don't want to die

My biggest worry is to die -- without a life purpose or meaning. These past few months have made me realize that there are many ways I can create that meaning and purpose I seek.

"Life is about learning; when you stop learning, you die."

This quote by Tom Clancy could not be more clear for me. I am constantly learning about myself and the different career paths ahead and things that interest or excite me. I know that the more I continue to learn, the more sense my future will make. 

I have one work week remaining of my internship. It is unbelievable how quickly three months can fly by when at first, it seemed to move at a sluggish pace. I have met some amazing individuals and many I am sure I will stay connected with later in life. 

While having lunch with some coworkers this week, they shared much advice. Here are three key takeaways I am going to start implementing more to continue learning and so I won't die without a purpose.