I am Caroline

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I am Caroline and welcome to learning about my cues in life: agriculture, food, fitness, leadership and travel. My blog shares some experiences I have relating to the above and more. I hope you will subscribe and follow my life adventures!

Why I write

Since grade school, I have enjoyed writing. However, I never realized my potential with the pen until high school. I grew up on a beef and grain farm in northwest Ohio. I raised cattle, goats and suri alpacas and was very involved with 4-H and FFA programs. When determining what to do with my life, I chose to merge the two together.

Yes, I showed alpacas back in the day!

In May 2014, I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in agricultural communication. Photography and social media (LinkedIn and Twitter) are two favor pieces of the sector. Most of the imagery used in my posts were taken by myself, unless noted or from freeimages.com. I am continuing to expand my public policy and international development knowledge with news, research and travels. A "bucket list" item of mine is to visit a new country each year. So far, I have been to the following:
(December 2012)


(December 2013)

New Zealand

(December 2014)


(August 2015)

London, United Kingdom
Paris, France
Interlaken, Switzerland
Milan and Rome, Italy
Ireland and New Zealand trips focused on agriculture, particularly animal sciences. The Bahamas trip was via a cruise, but it still counts in my book as a new country visited. The group of European countries visited in 2015 was through a group trip with GAdventures. There are some old blog posts about my experiences I recommend you find.

I did it! Immediately after receiving my diploma from Ohio State.

You may see some diversity in my posts from food, fitness, trends, fashion and who knows what else! These are my cues; the things that get me thinking and I hope will inspire thought from you as well. Most often, I will discuss my experiences through agriculture and passion for weight lifting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Don't worry, I don't post too many photos of myself. More often, I want to share what others are doing around me and what I have learned from them too.

What the future holds

Caroline Weihl at the Syngenta seed production plant in Phillips, Nebraska

I am a Seed Advisor Manager for Syngenta, on the Golden Harvest side of our businesses. This company strives to improve modern agriculture practices, whether it is crop protection, seed, water optimization, farm record keeping or ethanol production solutions. Thoughts on this blog are my own and I incorporate some learnings from my field experience. However, do not take my posts in context as behalf of the company. I look forward to continue learning about myself and my future. My blog will reflect those thoughts and lessons.


In August 2015, I competed at my first bodybuilding show in St. Louis, MO! The experience alone has tested my self discipline and willingness to push myself beyond measure. I placed second at my first show, qualifying me for larger, national shows in 2016. I plan to compete in two shows, maybe more. Depends on how the rest of my year turns out. 

Progress photo from first week of June 2015.
Caroline Bodybuilding
Photo from show in August 2015.
Cheetah and muscles
And sometimes, muscles in your dress clothes make you want
to take selfies.

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