Sunday, June 14, 2015

A shift from encouragement to genuine support

Sometimes, I doubt myself. I doubt myself quite often, really. The past 10 weeks have pushed me beyond what I thought was possible or probable. However, it has also opened my eyes to a bigger question I asked myself, "Why do we get discouraged, unmotivated and filled with self-doubt?"

The Struggle Stage

After a few reflections of all areas of my life, there are some patterns to personal development that can impact us. One of these areas is within learning tasks and performing. Specifically, the Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership II taught me that there are four levels of learning and performing tasks. Right now, in my job and bodybuilding, I am stuck in the second phase: D2.

To give you a quick intro to what this means, I have passed the first stage as an excited beginner, "honeymooner" at D1. I am stuck at D2, where you start to know what you are doing but get frustrated with processes and the unknown, and in turn, have decreased motivation. This is the stage right before D3, where you start really performing and become a high achiever in that task or goal. You guessed it. D2 = struggle stage and lots of self doubt.

YMCA Grand Island Nebraska

A few thoughts I have experienced recently (for bodybuilding primarily, but also for some work experiences):