Sunday, January 10, 2016

New approach; hold me accountable for 2016 goals!

I am trying a new approach.

I think back on my ag communications classes and internships. I wrote video outlines or storyboards for a lot of different things. It has been awhile since I have revisited those skills. Time to start experimenting with the idea of video blogs or vlogs. Below is my first attempt. What do you think? All thoughts and feedback are appreciated. It's all part of the learning process.

Otherwise, enjoy hearing more depth about my 2016 goals/New Year's Resolutions!


  1. You go girl! I'm so proud of you and I love seeing all you do. I was just telling Gage that I aspire to be more like you. Miss you!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! I appreciate both of your support. You have big things ahead. Keep working hard and pushing towards the things you desire most. :)