Monday, November 9, 2015

Thankful 30 - Day 9, fearlessness

I am fearless.

thankful 30 fearless

OK, not always. But, I am becoming fearless. It is a process, just like anything else. I am thankful to grow in my fearlessness. One of my closest and best friends, Kayla, is helping me realize that.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing her at AFA! Not only was it great to catch up, but coincidentally, we each gave each other gifts. I gave her some new Syngenta gear, and she gave me this necklace through The Giving Keys. My key says "fearless". She knows me well. 

The giving keys - fearless
I am grateful and thankful for friends like Kayla who are helping me become more fearless and instill that characteristic in others. There are a lot things scary, dangerous and risky. We can overcome them. It does not have to be alone. Who can help you become fearless? 

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  1. i so love strong, fearless women! Continue to grow and explore