Sunday, January 25, 2015

What do you train for? I train for life.

Old gym photo
Today, I walked into the YMCA as usual. My Blender Bottle and iPhone in hand, focused and ready to go. Today was an arm and shoulder day, one of my recent favorites. I started with some stretches and warm up movements to get my arms prepped and noticed a young man in his teens and a 20-something, athletic man heading over to do some arms workouts with dumbbells. The 20-something walks over and says "hello", since I had seen him a few days before. I suspected he was one of the personal trainers with the Y, but had no confirmation of that until today.

We all continued with our routines and about a half hour later, the trainer approaches me.

"What are you training for?" I replied, "Nothing really, just life."

He seemed dumbfounded at my response. I have considered training for a body building competition as a bikini or figure competitor, but have not made the plunge yet. Nonetheless, the fact that I was doing supersets of heavier weights and circuit training for "life" seemed odd to him.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I enjoy weight lifting much more than cardio. It's more challenging and I feel more active and accomplished when I finish a good session. The important thing to note about fitness though is I have not always been good at it. It has taken time, practice and training.

Let's compare fitness to work.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut. You may go to work every day, have the same tasks and problems to solve, work with the same associates over and over, and maybe feel like no progress is being made. For me, this past week was extremely trying and tiring. I am still new to the territory and my customers and there is a lot to learn. What happens when I give up? Do I move forward? Doubt it. The training I had this summer helped prepare me for where I am now, but I am still training. Everyone could classify himself or herself as in training because it does not stop once you get a job, get married, have a child, move across the country, etc. It is a continuous process.

Not every day or week is going to be a good training session. You might sweat or cry. However, if you remember you are training for YOUR LIFE and what you want it to be, don't you think it's worth it?

What are you training for right now that you can make a small change to make it easier for you, simpler in nature or more fun? Try something new and see what you can do.

Here is a video of something new I tried today. I could not do it for very long though after an already intense shoulder session! The trainer said I was in beast mode when he saw me doing them. :) I only did it for about 5 minutes in all honesty. But, you have to start somewhere!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lost luggage and long meetings

It got lost... again. After all the airfare I have paid these past 12 months and frankly, past 9 years or so I have been flying, you would think I would know better. I consider myself an experienced flier (no, I am not yet TSA Pre-Check certified but I'm sure later on in life, I'll make the investment). Sunday was not a good example of my flying prowess. I checked my bag when I should not have and it got left behind.

I had been waiting for my boarding group in Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The guest services worker asked if anyone was willing to "complementary check" their bag. Since I was not in a hurry with a layover in Dallas and not arriving to Grand Island, Neb. until about 10 p.m., I figured why not. They were covering the costs and it was one less bag to lug around in addition to my exceedingly full backpack, securing two laptop computers, an iPad and camera case with my body and two lenses. The least I could do was provide more overhead bin space for other travelers and continue my voyage back to Nebraska after a nice holiday hiatus. As I handed the clerk my ticket and made my way down the jet bridge, it didn't occur to me that my bag would not get moved from its location.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Keep on keeping on in '15

Life is unexpected. It's hard to believe we have already crossed the bridge to a new year, filled with new adventures, challenges and excitement! Sometimes, there is so much hype about starting a "new year" with "new resolutions" that we forget to acknowledge what unexpected happened in the year prior. Were your goals accomplished? Did you make new friendships? Did you lose old ones? For myself, I can only create new "resolutions" if I know what results I had the year before.

Bahamas with Caroline

Here are my results from 2014: