Saturday, July 26, 2014

I have become first removed. What are you?

This past month, I have had many awesome, hands-on experiences! I never knew that as a sales representative in the agriculture industry, there is so much opportunity to travel, meet growers and learn in the field (literally). The days seem to fly by but there is not much more exciting than the knowledge I am gaining in these fast-paced days. To accompany this learning curve about crop protection and agronomy, a new realization has set in. I have become first removed.

You might think, what is going on with her family? Is everything OK? Other than our county fair beginning Monday and I will miss my sister show her goats and run for fair queen, a newborn calf being born a few days ago that I couldn't assist with its first nursing of first colostrum or my grandmother attempting to sell her house, everything is great! The only disappointment is, I'm not there.